Queen’s Crescent sign

This steel arch was built around 20 years ago to help advertise the market to passers by. The graphic design could be better. Should it say QUEEN’S CRESCENT MARKET? Maybe it could be spruced up a bit with some new artwork. Any ideas about how to improve it?

1 thought on “Queen’s Crescent sign

  1. Have just obtained through the FoIA process (access otherwise refused by officers) the terms of reference for the £24,000 consultancy project on all Camden’s market. This makes interesting reading but no local people from QC with experience of running the once vibrant QC market have been consulted about the study which reportedly will be published in November. According to the ToR QC market has an income of just over £19,000 . We will be looking at the details on the reclaimqueenscres FB. It is good to see that local l people are still interested in trying to breathe life into the CQC Council run market and I hope people will continue to give their contributions. Still no news on how we will be consulted on the use of the £1.1m granted by the GLA to Camden back in February for the supposed capital regen of QC market. The regen of QC was, readers will recall, THE priority issue identified un the independent consultants report of nearly 1,000 local residents back in May 2016. It seems that the we are now to have yet another consultation while the QC market continues to languish. Just 9 stalls on Saturday


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