Bassett Street Community Garden II

Bassett Street Community Garden is a unique project, initiated by Camden Council in 2010. The garden was set up by Groundwork on a piece of unused Housing land, and was open to anyone who wanted to get involved. This has developed into a diverse and inclusive gardening project that provides a community space where many different people can come together to share resources. It is particularly popular with Bengali women, who struggle to find a space to grow traditional crops, and provides a space for meeting with others on a regular basis. It is a place where people who live in the local streets can meet and work alongside others from further afield, eg. Maitland Park and Kentish Town.

Since 2011 the garden has been managed by Bassett Street Gardening Club. It has proved very popular and there is usually a waiting list for one of the small plots. There are around 80 members, each of whom pay a small annual fee to cover costs associated with management of the garden. Rhyl Primary School has some plots, which enables children to learn about both gardening and the wider community. Many gardening club members live in flats without access to any external space, eg. Burmarsh, or in flats with balconies that are not suitable for food growing, eg. Gilden Crescent. Many enjoy gardening communally and sharing space with others in a productive way. It is the only communal garden in the area where neighbours can come together and decide jointly on actions to be taken .

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