Friends of Queen’s Crescent

The Friends of Queen’s Crescent is a small organisation, constituted as a ‘small charity’ to represent the interests of people who use and support Queen’s Crescent, for its market, shopping, library and community centre.

If you would like to join or find out more, please email

Recent consultation carried out by the Friends of Queen’s Crescent regards the street and the market showed the following key issues were a priority:

  • a police presence to deter drug dealing and anti-social behaviour
  • better management of the market
  • better support for market traders, eg. storage, washing facilities
  • improved appearance of the street
  • traffic safety

People said that they wanted to see:

  • greater variety of shops
  • flower stall
  • fruit and veg stall
  • charity shop
  • bric-a-brac
  • car boot sales (possibly on a Sunday)
  • fishmonger
  • craft shop

The idea of a market hall was supported. This would be a space useable by the community on market days, to provide:

  • shelter when it’s raining
  • WCs
  • changing facilities for trying on clothes
  • storage for tables and chairs for use in the market for outdoor eating
  • kitchen facilities
  • community activities such as arts and crafts

The Friends of Queen’s Crescent think that the £1.1m funding obtained from the Mayor of London’s Good Growth fund should be used to help support the market, by improving facilities for traders and making it more attractive for visitors. Some of these ideas are shown on Investing in Queen’s Crescent.


Consultation boards December 2018 (numbers in brackets are votes from November 2018)



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