Vicar’s Planes

In 1971 when Camden built Phases 7&8 of the Gospel Oak estate development, they left space for trees to be planted. There are several meters between between this plane tree and the building on the right.

In 2017 when Camden’s redevelopment of the Vicars’s Road workshops was built, a new Plane tree was planted.

The tree is planted too close to the building, right up against the metal railings of a private garden and ridiculously close to the turning into the service road behind the building
Mangled branches caused by vehicles accessing the rear of the building

Why on plant a tree in such a ridiculous place?

The reason is that Camden cut down four healthy plane trees in order to build this development. The planners required these to be replaced, but did not insist that space was provided to enable them to grow to maturity.

Unfortunately these trees will need to be cut down or severely pollarded in a few years time. It would be better if Camden provided space for trees to thrive.

Vicar’s Road workshops demolished and four Plane trees cut down

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