Camden encouraging people to move out

Camden Council has always said that it will work to keep communities together, and that in the case of the redevelopment of West Kentish Town estate residents will only have to move once, into the new the new home that has been ‘co-designed’ with them, with their specific needs in mind.

Why then is Camden Council suggesting that residents move away from the estate instead?

Could it be that Camden realise that it will be very difficult living on the estate during the proposed demolition and rebuild programme?

Or could it be that Camden want to clear the site to hand it over to a private developer, as at Bacton Low-rise? The proposed ‘regeneration‘ of Bacton stalled several years ago, and as a result families have been moved out of the area and two schools have closed (Carlton already closed, and St. Dominic’s due to close soon).

The trees on the site have been felled unnecessarily- see below

Above: 2015: London Plane trees in Haverstock Road

Above: 2018: London Plane trees still there after demolition of Bacton Low-rise

Above: 2019: London Plane trees felled- WHY?

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