Open space at West Kentish Town Estate

What type of public space will be created by the redevelopment of  West Kentish Town estate? Will new spaces be flexible, open and invite communal activity, as the existing spaces on the estate do?

West Kentish Town estate was once farmland, on a slight slope facing south. It was probably grassland used for raising animals and growing hay, for which there was a great demand in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Open space copy 21804 map showing the open fields where West Kentish Town Estate is now located 

Nature is reasserting itself at West Kentish Town, with areas of grassy verges lining Grafton Road to the east and Allcroft Road to the west. In between are a variety of spaces which have developed in different ways over their 50-odd years existence. At the centre of the estate is the Weedington Road play area, partly given over to an enclosed multi-use games area. Other spaces can be categorised as follows:

  1. entrance courtyards providing parking, with landscaping and trees (2,630m2)
  2. shared semi-private spaces adjacent to flats which residents use for a variety of activities (2,685m2)
  3. informal gardens created by residents (375m2)
  4. meadow-like verges, with tree planting (3,010m2)
  5. open/ common land at the edge of the estate (575m2)
  6. garage courts (1,275m2)

This is a total of 10,115m2, not including the garage courts. Connecting these spaces are a series of pedestrian routes.

Open space 3 copyDirstand entrance courtardParking between Durstan and Chelwood

Durstan entrance courtyard]Entrance courtyard at Durstan

Edington CourtyardParking at Chelwood

Milverton RouteRoute north towards Milverton Courtyard

Entrance courtyard between Durston and MilvertonShared courtyard between Durstan and  Milverton

Edington shared spaceCommunal shared space at Edington

Landgridge courtyardCourtyard at Langridge

Shared space ChelwoodShared space at Chelwood

Terrace 2Terrace overlooking Grafton Road

Edington share courtyardEnclosed courtyard at Durstan


iris and wll flower

GardenWeedington Road garden

Private garden MilvertonPrivate garden

M1bMeadow 1 , Grafton Road

M5Meadow 2, Grafton Road

M3Meadow 3, Grafton RoadM4Meadow 4

M6Meadow 6, Grafton Road

M7Meadow 7, Grafton Road

M8Meadow 8, Weedington Road

Meadow 13Meadow 13, Rhyl Street

Common land 2Open ground at corner of Queens Crescent and Grafton Road

Coity Road commonOpen ground at Coity Road

Common land Coity

Milverton GaragesMilverton parking court

Garage Athlone Street 2Parking garages off Athlone Street

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