Queen’s Crescent

Queen’s Crescent is a public space that supports local life in Gospel Oak and west Kentish Town. It has been identified by locals as the heart of their neighbourhood since the late 19th century.  Today it is where people come to access services (pharmacy, surgery, optician, post office, dry cleaners, hairdressers), as well cultural and religious activities (mosque, library, community centre), food shops, cafes and other food outlets. During the redevelopment the 1970s the Council recognised the importance of retaining the commercial frontage to Queen’s Crescent, and built the community centre, library and sheltered housing to enhance this. Today the public life of the Crescent is regulated by the weekly rhythm of the market, which closes the street to traffic on Thursday and Saturday, and the religious life of the community, most evident on Fridays and Sundays. During these times the street shows its continued value as a social space. Great footage of the market in 2014: video of Queen’s Crescent market

Clip from Minder showing the market in early 1980s

Queens Crecent greyQueen’s Crescent in 1905


Queen’s Crescent in the 1960s


Queens CresSept 2018IMG_9877IMG_9838IMG_9841IMG_9847IMG_9824



IMG_9799IMG_9853Queens Crescent 2ArtIMG_9839Queens Crescent 4IMG_2170IMG_2173IMG_2594IMG_2595IMG_2177IMG_2178IMG_9864IMG_2172

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